b. 1986, HK.


MOS is a multi disciplinary Design & Styling Studio developed from the idea that prioritising the human experience when creating a space is of the upmost importance.

Following over 10 Years of extensive experience in the Interior Design & Property Styling Industry Mos was born in 2016 with a desire to build a firm & brand that truly encompasses a strong client relationship at the forefront, and staying true to our design philosophy to enhance human interaction, to captivate & intoxicate. 

We pride ourselves on the achievements made over this short time, growing rapidly through word of mouth within the Real Estate Sector & Design Industry. Mos Founder & Interior Designer, Candice, has a great background working with some of the largest & most prestigious home builders & property developers within Victoria since 2007. 

We work collectively to research, plan and execute all of our projects with the finest attention to detail, something Candice has been known for amongst her peers and clients alike for many years. With such a strong background in Interior Design & Styling we will always make sure your home is shown at its full potential so we never leave any stone unturned and ensure that no opportunity is missed.  

"We live to create spaces and environments that are visually stimulating and resolved. Evoking feelings of comfort, inspiration, happiness & with the idea of starting conversations" 



PH: 0400 909 709